As Investors we acquire profitable mid-cap growth companies and entire portfolios and aim to develop these further over time. Typical transactions could be based on the need to find a successor for the current owner of a business, the desire of a management team to buy a business through an MBO/MBI or a share capital increase to provide growth capital.

Generally Triginta Capital would take a majority shareholding or a large minority share of the business to be able to develop the company as an active share holder. Issues such as the general strategic development of the firm, organic growth, acquisitions etc. would usually be managed through an advisory board in which we would participate. The focus of our activity lies in sustainable growth and the investment horizon is medium to long term.

In the case of the acquisition of an existing investment portfolio or whole funds we can draw on a long and broad spectrum of experience. Our investments in individual companies are funded on a deal by deal basis by our shareholders, high net worth individuals and family offices with which we have a very close working relationship. The acquisition of whole portfolios and funds are usually funded by the above investors with the additional support of institutional investors.

As Advisors we offer to external investors and companies the entire advisory package for an M&A transaction. We advise entrepreneurs, companies, investors and family offices during the acquisition or sale of a business or unquoted investments. We also advise on company succession issues, restructuring of the share holder base and efficient financial structures. Our consultancy begins very early in the process including the identification of targets and progresses right through to areas such as post merger integration and post transaction management. We draw on a wealth of experience of over 100 successful company transactions where we acted as an advisor and/or investors.

As Investment Managers we manage funds and portfolios of investments and are proactive in the management of individual companies within the portfolio as well as at the fund level. This means that we provide comprehensive and transparent fund reporting to the investors and at the same time actively manage the investee companies to a successful exit. We are used to an entrepreneurial results orientated remuneration structure for this kind of advisory role. Since 2000 Triginta Capital has gained experience in raising funds and managing entire investment portfolios covering both later stage venture businesses and small mid cap companies. Our general know how is augmented with sector and technological experience which will be drawn on from case to case.

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