The Triginta Capital portfolio can be divided into the segments MidCap, Health Care, T.I.M.E.S. and Applied Technologies.

The Health Care portfolio comprises of life science, biotech, pharma and medical technology investments.


life-analyticom   Analyticon Discovery GmbH
Developer of compound libraries consisting of natural products and synthetic small molecules
Exit 2011
life-lorus   Lorus Therapeutics Inc.
Biopharmaceutical company focused on the research and development of cancer therapies
Exit 2008
life-neurotech   Neurotech Pharmaceuticals Inc
Developer of protein-drug delivery systems for the treatment of ophthalmologic diseases such as retinal degeneration (age-related macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa) and vascular eye diseases (diabetic retinopathy)
Exit 2009
life-trinpharma08   Trin Therapeutics GmbH
Research and Development of anti-tumordrugs.
Exit 2017
4care-ag   4CARE AG
Supplier and mail order business for leading brand contact lenses and related care products, amongst others private brands like "Lenscare" | |
Exit 2012
life-attotec   ATTO-TEC GmbH
Developer and Producer of fluorescent dyes for medical diagnostics and biochemistry
Exit 2009
life-biobase   Biobase GmbH
Biological databases, bioinformatics tools and scientific drug-development consulting providing complex molecular biology information and solutions
Exit 2012
life-chiracon   Chiracon GmbH
Development, production and distribution of chiral intermediates
Exit 2008
life-develogen   DeveloGen AG
Developer of novel therapies for metabolic disorders, such as obesity and diabetes
Exit 2009
life-donatur   DoNatur GmbH
Developer of antirheumatic indications in different formulations
Exit 2009
life-envoy   Envoy Medical Corporation Inc.
Developer of a totally implantable technology to restore the hearing function of persons afflicted with high moderate to severe hearing loss
Exit 2007
life-getemed   getemed AG Medizin- und Informationstechnik
System provider in cardiology and vital signs monitoring
Exit 2007
life-hemoteq   Hemoteq AG
Ultra-thin coating of artificial material surfaces implants
Exit 2010
life-hybrigenics   Hybrigenics SA
Development of cancer drugs
Exit 2011
life-idm   IDM SA
Developer of a new family of immunotherapy products called Cell Drugs™ to fight cancer
Exit 2007
life-mikapharma   MIKA Pharma GmbH
Development, production and sale of primarily dermal, transdermal, and buccal application systems for pharmaceutical applications on the basis of sprayable liposomes, pre-liposomal solutions and proprietary micellar solutions
Exit 2010
life-noxxon   NOXXON Pharma AG
Developer of "Spiegelmers", biostable aptamers, and conducts clinical development
Exit 2007
life-oncotherm   Oncotherm GmbH
Medical technology provider of devices for heat therapy for cancer illnesses (oncothermia)
Exit 2011
life-orpegenpharma   Orpegen Pharma GmbH
Developer and manufacturer of proteins and peptides
Exit 2008
mid-schaetti   Schaetti AG
Speciality chemicals service company focussing on coating technologies to bond textiles in Europe and China
Exit 2009
life-sepiatec   SEPIAtec GmbH
Provider of equipment for rapid high-throughput HPLC (a physical method for analysis and separation of complex mixtures of compounds)
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