The Triginta Capital portfolio can be divided into the segments MidCap, Health Care, T.I.M.E.S. and Applied Technologies.

The MidCap segment comprises of mid cap companies from various sectors with revenues of up to EUR 200 million.


mid-arve   arwe service GmbH
Leading outsourcing partner for car rental agencies, automotive OEMs and major car dealers in Germany, focussing on car care services
Exit 2016
times-europeantelecommunica   E.T.H. European Telecommunication Holding AG
Holding of three Turkey based Telecommunication Companies Millenicom GmbH, Alovatan GmbH and Millenicom A.S.
Exit 2017
mid-holmer   Holmer Maschinenbau GmbH
World's leading manufacturer of self-propelled sugar beet harvesters
Exit 2013
4care-ag   4CARE AG
Supplier and mail order business for leading brand contact lenses and related care products, amongst others private brands like "Lenscare"
4care.de | lenscare.de | lensbest.de
Exit 2012
mid-bettmer   Bettmer GmbH
Leading mail order company specialised in the sale of individualised promotional items
Exit 2011
applied-coreoptics   CoreOptics Inc
Developer and manufacturer of Advanced Transponder Subsystems for the next generation telecommunications systems
Exit 2010
applied-elcos   ELCOS Electronic Components Support AG
Opto Electronics
Exit 2005
fairform   fairform GmbH
Leading service company for trade fairs and exhibitions
Exit 2008
life-getemed   getemed AG Medizin- und Informationstechnik
System provider in cardiology and vital signs monitoring
Exit 2007
life-hemoteq   Hemoteq AG
Ultra-thin coating of artificial material surfaces implants
Exit 2010
applied-heptagon   Heptagon Oy
Advanced diffractive and refractive micro-optical products
Exit 2011
times-marc-global   MARC Global Holdings Inc.
International provider of continuously adaptable Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solutions
Exit 2006
times-mobileview   Mobileview AG
International Wireless Application Services Provider (WASP) for managed mobile entertainment, infotainment, data and content services
Exit 2006
times-proalpha   proAlpha Software AG
Supplier of its integrative business solution providing best practice solutions and services for mid-cap trading and industry companies
Exit 2007
mid-saalfrank   Saalfrank Qualitäts-Werbeartikel GmbH
Leading mail order company specialised in the sale of individualised promotional items
Exit 2011
times-saf   SAF AG
Software for automated ordering in retail based on latest know-how in statistics and most modern technologies
Exit 2006/07
times-saperion   SAPERION AG
Enterprise Content Management software for document management, compliance and archiving
Exit 2013
mid-schaetti   Schaetti AG
Speciality chemicals service company focussing on coating technologies to bond textiles in Europe and China
Exit 2009
applied-zn   ZN-Vision Technologies-Gruppe / Viisage Inc.
Exit 2002-2006
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