The Triginta Capital portfolio can be divided into the segments MidCap, Health Care, T.I.M.E.S. and Applied Technologies.

The T.I.M.E.S. portfolio comprises of telecommunication, information, media, entertainment and security.


times-europeantelecommunica   E.T.H. European Telecommunication Holding AG
Telecommunication operator/carrier for the ethnic market in Europe with focus on Turkey
Exit 2017
other-yozmagroup   Yozma III GmbH & Co. KG
Israel based early stage venture capital fund
Exit 2014
4care-ag   4CARE AG
Supplier and mail order business for leading brand contact lenses and related care products, amongst others private brands like "Lenscare"
4care.de | lenscare.de | lensbest.de
Exit 2012
times-airdata   Airdata AG
Operator of wireless networks in Germany for data transmission and overcoming the "last mile" for internet access ("PortableDSL") in Germany
Exit 2006
applied-coreoptics   CoreOptics Inc
Developer and manufacturer of Advanced Transponder Subsystems for the next generation telecommunications systems
Exit 2010
times-cryptovision   CV Cryptovision GmbH
Developer of cryptographic basic-technology and provides modular software solutions for security problems
Exit 2013
applied-heptagon   Heptagon Oy
Advanced diffractive and refractive micro-optical products
Exit 2011
times-inchron   Inchron GmbH
Design and test softwares for real-time-capable software used in embedded systems
Exit 2007
times-marc-global   MARC Global Holdings Inc.
International provider of continuously adaptable Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solutions
Exit 2006
exits-mediaphor   MEDIAPHOR Software Entertainment AG
Software licence trading
Exit 2004
times-mobileview   Mobileview AG
International Wireless Application Services Provider (WASP) for managed mobile entertainment, infotainment, data and content services
Exit 2006
times-portum   Portum AG
Supplier of e-strategic sourcing solutions in Europe
Exit 2006
times-preisauskunft   Preisauskunft.de AG
Web-based price comparison tools
Exit 2010
times-proalpha   proAlpha Software AG
Supplier of its integrative business solution providing best practice solutions and services for mid-cap trading and industry companies
Exit 2007
times-saf   SAF AG
Software for automated ordering in retail based on latest know-how in statistics and most modern technologies
Exit 2006/07
times-saperion   SAPERION AG
Enterprise Content Management software for document management, compliance and archiving
Exit 2013
times-voicetrust   VOICE.TRUST AG
Secure user authentication via the voice
Exit 2007
times-yoc   YOC AG
Leading full service agencies for mobile marketing and mobile commerce
Exit 2006/07
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