Dr. Anthony Bunker is a partner of Triginta Capital and responsible for the generation, structuring and management of medium-sized LBO transactions. Tony has more than 25 years of private equity experience in Germany. He was borne in London and holds both, a British and a German passport.

Zuvor arbeitete er für eine mittelständische Investmentbank in Deutschland und war dort als Partner für Corporate Private Equity-Investitionen und Restrukturierungen zuständig. Danach war er bei ATCO, einem Joint Venture zwischen ABN Amro Private Equity und Alpinvest (NIB) tätig.

He previously worked for a medium-sized investment bank in Germany, where he was a partner responsible for corporate private equity investments and restructurings. He then joined ATCO, a joint venture between ABN Amro Private Equity and Alpinvest (NIB).

Dr. Anthony Bunker