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The details on this Website have been provided exclusively for the purpose of explaining and describing the consulting activities of Triginta Capital GmbH and of its subsidiaries ("Triginta Capital"). None of the details on this Website must be seen as recommendations for investment, equity interests, transactions or consultancy services.

Moreover, the content of this Website does not constitute any quotation or request to buy or sell investments or equity interests of any kind.

Irrespective of this rider, we must point out that any investments or equity interests mentioned on the Website may not necessarily be suited for everyone. When in doubt, make sure you obtain advice from an experienced advisor.

To the extend that this is legally permitted, we accept no liability that the details mentioned here or the material contained therein can be applied everywhere or that the equity interests, investments or services referred to on this Website are available everywhere and to everyone.


Delivery of documents and details

We do not accept any confidentiality commitment or any commitment to refrain from using documents or material sent to us with reference to this Website. We must therefore ask you not to send us any confidential or copyrighted details or documents without being requested to do so.

We receive a large number of business plans and other applications that are similar to one another or whose content may overlap. We reserve the right only to examine business plans that match our investment criteria. Enquiries may be rejected without stating any reasons. In the event of rejection we are not obliged to return any material that has been sent to us.

We must point out that the equity capital pools for which consultancy is provided by Triginta Capital may occasionally be in competition with each other.


Publication of details

Any details published by you in the context of this Website may be recorded, kept and, under certain conditions, passed on to the relevant supervisory authorities.

Any details published on this Website is available to third parties through the internet. We must therefore ask you not to publish or transmit any confidential information to us through this Website.

Triginta Capital does not monitor, license, approve, or exercise editorial control over any documents, content or files published through this Website by third parties.


References and links

This Website contains links to other websites on which we have no influence with regard to content, information, services or products on offer. To the extent that this is legally permitted, we do not accept any responsibility for such websites. The existence of a link or reference does not constitute approval of the relevant content by Triginta Capital. To the extent that this is legally permitted, we do not accept such liability.


Exclusion of liability

To the extent that this is legally permitted, we give no guarantee that the Website or the details, material or files contained on the same are free from viruses, infections, worms, Trojan horses or any other damaging, detrimental or falsifying code, routines or macros. It is your own responsibility to take suitable protective measures, such as installing a virus scanner.

To the extent that this is legally permitted, neither Triginta Capital nor any of its affiliated companies accept any liability that the Website and the details, documents and files provided on the same should be available in a form that is free from disruption or errors, or that any errors, once found, should be removed. This also applies to any errors in data transmission, such as loss, damage or modification of data, particularly with a view to any documents, files and material sent to us.

Although we have taken suitable measures to obtain information from reliable sources, we give no guarantee and to the extent that this is legally permitted, no liability that the details, content and comments on this Website should be correct, reliable, up-to-date and/or complete. Rather than relying on our information, we therefore recommend that you conduct your own due diligences.

To the extent that this is legally permitted, we accept no liability for Triginta Capital or its affiliates for direct or indirect damage, regardless of whether such damage is material or immaterial, or whether it arises from the use of the Website and the information contained on the same. The same applies to damage arising from the impossibility to call up the Website or any details, documents or files contained on the same.

To the extent that this is legally permitted, Triginta Capital accepts no liability for any documents, material, details or files which are sent to us.



All content, documents and files on this Website are subject to copyright. You are permitted to download or print out certain websites or parts thereof for your own personal use, provided that you do not change or delete any notes concerning copyrights, trademark rights or any other notes on protected rights contained in the material. A download or print-out from the Website does not constitute a transfer of copyrights, trademark rights or software rights or any other rights.

Moreover, this Website or any details, documents or files contained on the same may not be duplicated, transferred, modified, used for or integrated into public or commercial purposes either wholly or in parts without obtaining prior written permission from Triginta Capital.


Applicable law

This Website has been set up in Germany and placed on the internet through a local server.

Access to and use of the Website as well as interpretation of these terms and conditions shall be subject to German law.

Access to the Website from places outside Germany shall take place at the user's own risk. In such a case the user shall be responsible for complying with the relevant local legislation and regulations.



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